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Our professional career

Equipo de trabajo de RM

Professionals of Radio Miraflores FM Evita, Willi Acosta, Johnny Lopez, Chepito Rios, Enrique Llamosas, Dianita Garcia, Liliana Sugobono, Armando Palacios, Carmencita Luna, Beto Cruz, Hugo Salazar, Jorge Henderson and Johnny Acarley

Equipo de Trabajo Radio America
Radio Miraflores

The best moments of my professional life in Radio were my beginnings in Radio Miraflores sharing music with professionals like Dianita Garcia, Dante Capella, Perico Duran, Enrique LLamosas, Adolfo Sobenes, Renato Sholls, Nelly Mendivil, Toni Marvel,

Gerardo Manuel, the great Pedro Roncallo, in his beginnings with Jorge Henderson, Hugo Salazar, Sammy Sadofnic, Johnny Lopez among others. Extracting the notes of another great friend of Radio Juan Carlos Hurtado who wrote: "If you have to remember operators as famous as the DJs, there was one that became so popular that its presence was essential in Diana Garcia's programs, the JOSE era" CHEPITO "RIOS, whom Diana mentioned at every moment and who then developed another talent within him as the locution," Chepito "was very listened to at the beginning of the 80s with a romantic program PENTAGRAMA on Radio América FM"








After my first experience in Miraflores Radio, I was hired by America Radio FM on the Fine Frequency where we followed Dianita Garcia together and shared with Luis Delgado Aparicio, Pedro Silva, Rulito Pinasco and other great people of Channel 4 America TV.

America Logo

Members of Radio America FM the Fine Frequency : Raul Rosales, Luis Alberto Sinchis, Dante Capella, Dianita Garcia, Tony Marbel, Luis Delgado Aparicio Luis Aguirre, Liliana Burga, Chepito Rios and Juan Silva Vidaurre

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